Rajasthan is known worldwide for its handicrafts and traditional art. From Jaipuri Chunri to Pure leather goods from Udaipur, every city of the state has something making it unique and wonderful. Talking about leather goods, do you know how a leather diary is crafted? Well, here is a blog telling you the same.

Starting from Jaipur of Rajasthan, the art of crafting leather diaries has also spread in Udaipur. In fact, Leather Journal is one of the leading manufacturers of handmade leather diaries in Udaipur. Handmade leather diaries are crafted from traditional art. Only professional artisans can craft a quality leather handmade diary.

Leather Journal, Udaipur, has been working on leather goods for over a decade. Not only diaries, but we also deliver various leather goods like Journals, Drawing Albums, Telephone Dairy, Slip Pads, Key Chains, Handmade Pens, and much more worldwide. With premium leather products and worldwide shipping, Leather Journal is emerging as the leading handmade leather diaries manufacturer in India.

How is a handmade leather diary crafted?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how a handmade leather diary is crafted at Leather Journal, Udaipur.

1. Premium leather is collected: To begin the step, we first search for quality leather. This can be of buffalo, goat, or any other animal. We check the quality first because we believe every product should be crafted with love and quality.

2. Size customization: As per the demand and order of our customers, we cut and customize the leather in different sizes, including A4, A5, A3, and much more.

3. Tanning of leather: The leather cover is tanned with essential oils. This tanning acts as a protective shield to the diary cover. To your amazement, if you someday scratch this cover, you can observe your DIY distressed style, which fades away as soon as you rub the products.

4. Natural aroma of leather: The handmade leather diary at Leather Journal is handcrafted in such a way that the natural scent of the product is preserved.

5. Fitting earth-friendly pages inside: Our next step involves fitting earth-friendly pages inside your diary. Generally, we employ 100-120 sheets or 200-240 pages, counting both sides. These pages are off-white in color and unlined. Leather Journal utilizes handmade papers in handmade leather diaries. These papers are prepared with recycled cotton, which is acid-free and tree-free.

6. Binding: In the next step, we bind eco-friendly papers, and handmade leather covers of your diary are hand-stitched together. Usually, these pages are non-refillable.

7. Perfect charm to your diary: Then, we add a rustic charm to our handmade leather diary. This charm can be customized to different styles and helps close the diary. Readers also use this charm as a handy bookmark.

8. Packing and shipping: Last and our favorite step, we pack your handmade leather diary carefully and ship it to your address. Later, we relax and wait for your review, believing that you will love our products.

Leather Journal crafts the best handmade leather diaries in Udaipur, and our diaries can be used for various purposes, such as sketchbooks, journals, travel journals, personal diaries, and much more. For more products, click here.

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