Money-Back Guarantee

We ensure your cashback if the thing you got isn't as delineated, or if your thing isn't passed on inside the Buyer Protection period. You can get the markdown in 15 days after the case system wraps up.

Terms & Conditions

1. Contact

Go to your solicitation history and select the thing. Discuss about the issue with us and see potential plans.
Mobile No. : +91-9352717845
Email :

2. Apply for Refund

In case you can't go to simultaneousness with the vendor, essentially, apply for a rebate by opening a challenge in the solicitation page. Make a point to do this inside 15 days of your solicitation attestation.

3. Get Money Back in 15 Days

Unfortunately if things do not work according to both seller and buyer our priority is to sort out the issue within 15 days and if approved, refund the full amount in 15 days after getting products returned.

Leagl Requirements

Legal Requirements

The seller must adjust to other relevant real necessities (certification, return, etc.) that may be material depending upon your region as a buyer.

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